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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, putting advertisement on is absolutely FREE! Only thing you need to do is to register here at and activate your account.
No, creation of account on is absolutely FREE.
No, there is no limit to the number of FREE advertisements per user. But, there is a restriction to number of FREE advertisement in a month for a user.
Posting advertisement is FREE, but promoting website links, putting contact email and other contact information is not permitted for FREE advertisements. Please upgrade your AD to display URL and emails in advertisement.
Yes, you can still put your advertisement use FA Points even after you exhausted your monthly limit.
FA points is a new feature introduced in You can post Feature advertisement using FA Points. You can post advertisements, even after you exhaust your montly FREE ad quota. There are some special categories, where you can only place advertisements using FA Points only.
Free ADs are targeted mainly for common people to place their advertisements. But, there are certain advertisements, which do not fall in regular categores and mainly used by professionals like Escort services, Adult advertisements, Tantric, Psychic, etc. These are special categories.
To place advertisements in special categories, you will have to use FA points. FA points needed to be purchased, whereas to place advertisements in regular categories, you can place ad for FREE.
Yes, with this relauch, each and every advertisement will be moderated by team. This is needed to keep the listing organized according to sectors and separate out special category Ads.
No, do not promote pornography, vulgerity, abuse, drugs, sex, banned items, so even though adult advertisements are allowed does not mean we allow nude, vulgar, abusive, offensive pictures and content. Any mis-use of the option will be strictly dealt with. If regular violation occurs, then the account will get permanently suspended.
Any classified avertisement on has a viewable life of 30 days. The count starts once our team approve the advertisement.
Unfortunately, once a advertisement is reviewed by our moderator team, the points will be consumed and nonreimbursable. But, you will have the option to edit any unapproved advertisement.
The online payment processing is done through the parent company of So, you do not need to worry about it.
Messaging is a new feature introduced in this new version of To see the message or reply the message, your advertisement need to be a feature ad. You can upgrade your regular FREE ad to a feature ad any time. With upgradation to feature ad, you will also get the bonus of resetting the viewable days to full-period.